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OSHC Online Enrolment

The My Family Lounge (MFL) service is an easy and convenient way for you to create online enrolments, make changes to enrolment details and make and/or cancel bookings. 

The MFL service includes a web portal and an app.

The web portal:

  • Allows full access to the following MFL features:
  • New enrolments.
  • Request changes to permanent bookings.
  • Make casual bookings.
  • Update medical information, dietary requirements, emergency contact details and more.
  • Currently the web portal cannot be used to notify absences – however the app can be used for this.

  • Please note that if you’re accessing the website on a mobile phone you may have difficulty viewing all of the information on the screen. We recommend that you either use a larger device (e.g. iPad, laptop or PC) or alternatively you can try selecting “Request Desktop Site” within your mobile’s browser (this works on some phones but not all).

  • Before using the website you need to register with MFL (see below).

The app:

  • Can be used to make and/or cancel casual bookings and send absence notices for permanent bookings.

  • Before using the app you need to register with MFL (see below).

  • You can download the app from either the Apple Store or Google Play (you can use the links on this page or search from within the store).

Register with My Family Lounge (MFL):

For families who are already enrolled with MPSS OSHC

  • Your Login ID is the email address used as the primary contact with OSHC. If you are unsure which email address this is, please contact us.

  • The first time you use MFL you’ll need to register. To do this, enter your email address and click “Register”. You will then go through the process of creating a password which you can use to login here in future.

For families who are not already enrolled with MPSS OSHC

  • Using the login box on this page simply click the “Register” button (no need to fill in any other information) and you’ll be taken through to our registration page.

  • On the registration page fill in the information and click “Register”. An email will be sent to you. When you receive the email click “Complete Registration”. This will take you through to the Complete Registration page where you will be asked to choose a password and confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions.

  • After completing your registration you will see a screen where you can click a text link saying “click here to sign in”. After signing in you will be able to fill in all of the details for the enrolment.

  • A video showing this process is available on the MFL website.

Please note:

  • If you have requested permanent bookings, we will come back to you within two business days (48 hrs) and advise if we have a spot available. If we do have a spot, we will email you an offer and ask you to accept the offer. When you do this please complete and submit the Enrolment form in the MFL portal.

  • We require one business day (24 hrs) notice of casual booking cancellations and seven days (one week) notice of permanent booking cancellations.

Please visit the MFL website for further information about how to use the parent portal.

Book in for Casual Days

Looking for a casual day at OSHC? Click the buttons below to download the My Family Lounge App and use your MFL account to book in for casual days.